Teen Girls at this Sydney School Are Taught How to Change Tires & Check Oil Levels

As part of a new initiative in every student in Australia to be taught important life skills, this group of teen girls were recently being taught how to maintain their cars.

The students from Year 11 from the Stella Maris College in Manly, located on the northern beaches of Sydney, were getting detailed lessons in tire changing, tire pressure checking, oil monitoring, and what to do in case of an accident.

This initiative comes after Sydney ‘car educators’ Galmatic reached out to schools earlier this year.

The all-female team of Galmatic specializes in helping Australian women and teens feel comfy behind the wheel through their hands-on workshops and online classes.

Galmatic, Teaching Women to Be Comfortable behind the Wheel

The head of Galmatic for the last 13 years, Eleni  Mitakos, noted that these workshops aren’t only intended for teen girls.

They teach up to 100,000 teens in schools per year across all Sydney. Their main goal is to help teens feel comfy behind the wheel and to be able to look after big vehicles properly.

Galmatic always emphasize the importance of never ignoring a car problem and to always address it to ensure you’re optimally safe.

The assistant principal for well-being at the College, Amy Smith, said that the students found these workshops very beneficial.

They had 3 groups of 40 girls and received a very positive feedback. The Galmatic ladies were very patient and gave thorough explanations.

All the staff who works at the school as well as their principal Elizabeth Cargenie felt that this workshop would be a good idea and that they need to teach girls the skills they need before they leave school.

When they shared their initiative on Facebook, they received immense support and one user wrote how it’s a ‘fantastic idea’ whereas another one pointed out how knowing a car is pivotal life skill for any teen, alongside sewing, cooking, and taxes.




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