Reasons Why Gorgeous And Intelligent Women Stay Single For Years

Most people have one question about their gorgeous friend who’s not in a relationship, i.e. why is she still single?

They’re wondering because how could someone so wonderful, both inside and out, be single?

But, this is actually what this woman wants! It’s not something that another one decided for her.

Women who choose to stay single are increasing over the years and their reasons for staying single are multiple and actually pretty good.

Below, check out why more and more amazing women decide it’s best to remain single and happy rather than in a relationship and unhappy.

Why Gorgeous & Intelligent Women Stay Single

She’s independent

Women today are searching for their freedom and rights and want to build their independence.

They get awesome jobs and even get paid more than men. They have enough to have a beautiful life.

So, they don’t need to be in a relationship to be taken care of by someone else-they will do it only if they’re really in love, without any material reasons!

They love the freedom and time for themselves

Women realized long ago that they don’t need a partner to do better-they can do it on their own.

Instead of spending their precious time to do the cooking, cleaning, etc. for their partners, they’re dedicating it to self care and doing spa, shopping, hanging out with friends, etc.

They love the emotional stability

Knowing their rights, getting educated, knowing their worth, etc. has made women much stronger emotionally and now, they are less worried about low opportunities in life to succeed.

Thanks to their education, they don’t need another one to support them.

They have a clearer idea of what they want from life and don’t necessarily need marriage to feel important.

They will only be with the man they sincerely love and respect, nothing less.

Higher standards

Thanks to their education, good jobs, etc. women have the freedom to live by their own rules and set their own standards.

They’re no longer willing to spend their lives with partners who don’t appreciate them 100 percent and those who will put them down-they would rather be single.

Men are fearful of smart & beautiful women

Today, men tend to be afraid when it comes to making the first move, even if there’s a woman they like.

They will often think that she couldn’t be single as she’s so wonderful.

But, this fear of being turned down is also a contributing factor to women being more single today than before.




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