Woman Flies 1500 Miles to Meet Her Online Love, but Is Stood Up at the Airport

One businesswoman was left on the airport 1500 miles away from her home after she got stood up by a man she met a couple of days before online.

Jasmine Triggs who’s 23-years-old decided to fly from her hometown Fort Wayne in Indiana to Houston in Texas to meet up with a man she has been talking with on the internet.

However, when she got up on the plane, this man, identified as Jamal, blocked her number and left her heartbroken and stranded.

Triggs, the owner of a baking company, explains that she was talking to Jamal for a week and he was the one who asked her to come and visit Houston.

Woman Flies 1500 Miles to Meet a Man, but She Gets Stood Up

They talked until the morning she had to leave for her flight. Every day they talked on various topics, including where he went to school, how he had a robotics company, etc.

She liked him really and they’ve been getting to know each other. It was also sexual.

She claims he asked her sexual things and he claimed he couldn’t wait to see her and that he had cleaned his living room for her. The pair met through the iMessage group chat by a mutual friend who had never met the man in person.

Jasmine paid $380 for the 5-hour round trip and when she landed on the airport, she tried to call the man-unfortunately, he had already blocked her number.

He didn’t call her all morning when she landed and when she called him, she realized that she was blocked. This is when she began to panic.

Other people from the group chat were also calling him, but he blocked them too, explains Jasmine.

Luckily, she got hold of a friend who lived close and went to stay with her for a couple of days. Still, she didn’t know why she was left stranded there.

She decided to share her story on Twitter and raise awareness about the dangers of meeting up with people they spoke with online. She said that either the man thought this was funny or that he probably had a girlfriend or a wife.

Her story went viral and Jamal actually came back into the chat-he said he didn’t know her, but everyone else knew that he asked her to visit him.

Some people even offered to pay for the ticket of Jasmine. She appreciates these people’s kindness; however, she’s aware that she was trolled.




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