19-Year-Old Designs an App to Help His Family Care for His Grandma with Dementia

Having a loved one diagnosed with dementia is overwhelming for the entire family.

This horrible brain disease usually ranges gradual loss of the memory and thinking capacity which diminishes the ability of the person to function daily.

Consequently, they need the constant support of carers.

When this grandma Nannie who lives in Massachusetts was diagnosed with dementia, her nephew, the 19-year-old Logan Wells, watched how his parents and aunt were faced with a major task of taking care for her.

These challenging times also woke up the entrepreneurial spirit of the young boy.

Boy Decides to Make an App to Improve Care for His Granny

Logan came up with an interesting idea-he developed the CareZare app which provides a whole toolkit to manage easier with a person with dementia. The young boy realized that proper care for patients with dementia is a challenge, but they were willing to take it on.

It was apparent that they were faced with the immense burden of care, maintaining their own lives as students, workers, parents, and children, but also ensuring the best possible care for their Nannie’s safety and happiness, explained the family.

As her illness progressed, tracking her needs was becoming more and more challenging. Logan began developing the prototype for the app and also asked for help from his family.

They built the app together as they needed it so much.

We Can Do It Together, as a Community

Now, the finished app CareZare allows users to work together and enables groups of carers to schedule and track real-time activities.

You can put in the person’s mood, the things you did while you were together, as well as give ‘heads up’ to the other members in the group.

This team approach is an empowerment for all families to keep up with their daily tasks and better their communication.

The App Is Growing in Popularity & Family Hopes It Will Continue so

Until now, more than 600 families installed and are using this app.

The boy hopes this number will continue to increase. Their users are giving the useful feedback to tailor it to everyone’s needs.

Logan notes that caregiving is a crucial problem for the users as it’s personal, just like it’s for him.




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