Woman Tearfully Reunites with Husky Stolen from Her 2 Years ago

This loyal dog finally reunited with his favorite person who didn’t stop searching for him, despite missing for more than 2 years.

The heartwarming story of how they found each other is really unique and amazing.

The husky came into the life of Kameroun Mares at a period when she needed the most love and friendship she could get.

Mares was undergoing therapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she met the sweet young dog and decided to make him a part of her home.

She gave him the name Semper Fidelis or ‘always faithful’ in Latin. She called him Semper for short.

They Loved each Other, but Were Separated

Mares explained to the media how Semper was always so faithful to her; however, something still managed to pull them apart.

In 2016, Mares had to travel to California from Florida to get the necessary treatments and her roommate was caring for Semper.

Sadly, she got the call no dog lover wants to hear; her roommate told her how Semper was missing. When she came home, they search everywhere for him and contacted various shelters in Florida in case someone sent him there.

She searched for a year and posted photos of him through pet sites and contacted 15 vet places where she used to live, and shared his photo on social media in case someone saw him.

Every day, she was hoping for a phone call. Semper had a microchip, but unfortunately it showed nothing. Mares was worried sick and missed him every day.

Mares Contacts a Private Investigator to Track Down Semper

Mares loved her Semper so much that she was desperate to find him-she decided to get professional help and contacted a private investigator, one Ana Campos, to help her find the beloved dog.

Campos explained how Mares had bought a lifetime registration with AKC Reunite and a year into this, someone told her to check the chip again.

In 2017, they went to the humane society and checked online. They found that in 2016, one woman added her name to the dog’s chip.

The other microchip company didn’t check to see if an owner was registered on the dog’s chip.

Campos later discovered that someone put the dog on Craiglist for $200 and this is why he never showed up, despite of the tireless search of Mares.

Semper & Mares Reunite: Both Are so Happy & Love each other like the First Day

The day came when Semper got back to his home-both sides were overwhelmed. Mares began crying and the dog was so excited he couldn’t stop his jumping.

Campos said how helping this woman out and being present during this reunion was one of the best days of her life.

Simper is resettling in his family very well and is talking long strolls through his new California neighborhood and learning to live with his beloved Mares once again. Thankfully, her cancer is in remission.

Mares is amazed how sweet Semper still remembers the tricks she taught him. She says he’s an extension of herself and her heart and that she’s so glad to have him back in her arms.




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