93-Year-Old Veteran Sleeps in Car after Fleeing Fire until Strangers Say ‘You’re Coming with Us’

We’re not crying, you are!

Hundreds of families were left stranded and helpless after the California wildfires, including one Lee Brundige, a 93-year-old WW2 veteran with a house in Paradise, California who had to evacuate and leave his home.

Lee who lived by himself decided it’s best to leave his house and made it to a nearby town.

He met with other people who evacuated and one kind woman who was giving hamburgers to the people there.

This woman, Tracy Grant, offered food to Lee too; however, he refused. He told her to keep it for someone else who may need it more than he does.

Eventually, the deputies instructed the people who evacuated on the parking lot to leave because the place was filling up with smoke and the air quality was dropping.

Lee Had nowhere to Go; He Was Homeless from this Point on

Tracy asked if Lee had somewhere to go; he said he doesn’t, however, he can still sleep in his car.

Tracy couldn’t bear the thought of living him on his own so she asked them if he would like to come and stay with her, her boyfriend Josh Fox, and their pet dogs.

At first, Lee turned her down but Tracy was persistent and didn’t want to give up. What happened next was an amazing act of kindness in the middle of such a destructive situation and it touched everyone’s hearts.

Tracy said that her first instinct was ‘there’s no way he’s staying here another night all by himself’.

She didn’t want to take him to a shelter or go with some stranger because there a lot of people who would take advantage.

Lee Becomes a Part of Their Family

After a lengthy discussion and persuasion, Lee gave up and said he would come in her home.

Lee has become a part of their extended family-Tracy and her boyfriend, Lee, and their 2 dogs. They told Lee that he could stay as long as he wants.

Lee believes he’s been given two guardian angels and stated that he doesn’t know if he would ever be able to thank them.

What an inspiring story, don’t you agree? What if we could all do some kindness for others, those who’re less fortunate than us in a certain moment?

This would definitely change things a lot and make the world a better place!

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video below where you can see Lee talking about the amazing kindness these two people did for him: