Michigan Couple Welcomes a Baby Girl after Having 14 Boys

A family from Michigan caught people’s attention worldwide for having 14 boys in a row; however, a 1 in a 16,384 chance, has broken their streak.

The proud parents, Jay and Kateri Schwandt, both aged 45, welcomed their first daughter, baby Maggie Jayne.

She’s their 15th child and only daughter, according to the family’s posts on social media.

Their 14 sons are Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvan, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker, and Francisco.

Family Welcomes first Daughter after 14 Boys

Soon after Kateri gave birth to their 14th boy in 2018, the family, who lives in Lakeview in Michigan, said that they were surprised it was a boy again and that the boy’s middle name ‘sheboygan’ was based on this unlikely situation from a statistical point of view.

The family has a web series named the 14 Outdoorsmen where all of the boys engage in multiple outdoor activities in and around their 200-acre farm land in the west of Michigan.

A post the family shared recently announced Maggie Jayne’s return home and said how the ‘boys are so in love already’.

The baby was born healthy with 7 pounds and 8 ounces. They’re so happy and overjoyed to welcome her in their family.

They say how this year has been memorable for them in multiple ways, but this girl is the biggest gift they could ever imagine.

The Story of the Schwandt Family

Jay and Kateri married back in 1993 after dating for some time during high school freshman year. They’re no strangers to media. In fact, they’ve been making headlines for years whenever they got a new baby.

Most of the stories were focused on the babies’ gender. However, they may now need to reconsider the name of the TV show considering the new female addition to the male-dominated gang.

For Tyler, the 28-year-old son and the oldest of the boys, it may require a couple of years for his brothers to adjust to a girl in their home, especially when they’ll have to put the toilet seat down.