If You can Find the Woman Hiding in this Photo, You Have above Average IQ

We all love a good challenge, isn’t that right? Once in a while, we like to be able to check our abilities and those of our closest ones. This is definitely a fun way to spend time!

When it comes to challenges, this one definitely took over the internet and people are struggling to solve it!

Apparently, only a small percentage of people can solve it and if you happen to be one of them, you should definitely be proud because of your unique capacity!

Come on, let’s check out the visual challenge together below!

Interesting Visual Puzzle: Solve It, You’re very Smart

To pass the test, you need to be able to find the woman hidden in the image. She’s camouflaged and only a few people can spot her.

Look closely into the image; were you able to spot her?

If not, check out the answer below.


The woman is hidden at the base of the big tree which is at your right. Awesome, right? Are you happy that you could locate her?

If not, don’t worry; this is a challenge after all, it’s no sign of your real intelligence!