Hero Dog Saves 4 Patients from Hospice Inferno after Running into the Building to Raise Alarm

This heroic dog saved 4 patients from a fire in a Russian hospice after it went inside the building to raise alarm.

The dog named Matilda who is also pregnant is now recovering from the serious burns she sustained after passing out because of the carbon monoxide fumes during the fires that happened in Leningrad region in Russia.

All of the 4 residents of the private-owned hospice were successfully pulled from the fires after the fire rescue squad came.

Matilda was then saved by volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich.

Matilda: The Hero Dog Cried & Trembled in Ache

Although the pregnant dog was crying and trembling from pain, she was a hero through it all, said the report.

The campaigners at the Vasilek Shelter located in St Petersburg are doing their best to save her and get her the best treatment possible after she got major burns.

Unfortunately, the sweet dog’s face, belly, and neck were highly burnt according to the shelter. The fertility specialist checked her out to see if the babies were doing well.

Luckily, they’re alive and developing just fine. Matilda, also known as Motya, won’t be able to feed her little ones once they come into this world because the nipples were burned badly.

What an amazing animal-dogs are really a gift from God, don’t you agree?

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