Man Quits High-Flying Job to Travel the Country with His 10 Dogs

As a corporate trainer, Lee Asher was earning a 6 figure salary; however, he felt he wasn’t getting true fulfillment in his life.

This is when he decided to quit his current job, and together with a friend to live on the road. To do this, he sold everything he owned and packed their bags.

Throughout his journey, he has adopted 10 dogs and continues on a mission together with them- rescuing shelter animals from all over the country and helping them find a forever home.

With little bit of clothes and their RV, Lee and his furry buddies started the so-called Asher House. This charity’s focus is the encouragement of others to adopt animals, rather than buying them.

Asher explained that he quit his corporate job, got out of their leases, and removed everything. He did this to be able to only focus to be helping animals and travelling.

It Was Not an Easy Beginning, Says Asher

This wasn’t an easy move-it was a leap of faith and things were quite challenging in the beginning, recalls Asher.

With the vet bills alone amounting to around $8,000, he quickly amassed a major debt he had to pay for eventually. But, he was persistent not to give up on his goal.

Throughout the three years of the charity which is now free of debt; they have helped a lot of animals in the country.

He managed to pay for his debts through the support from several companies and the other financial donations he received by generous animal lovers from all over the globe.

Asher and his numerous rescue dogs have went to more than 31 out of the 50 states in the US and he’s hosted adoption events and has rescued 90 dogs by now.

I Get over-Attached, which I Shouldn’t Be, Says Asher

When people ask him about what the most challenging part of his job is, he admits that it’s his over attachment to the dogs.

However; he realizes it’s not about what he wants, but what is best for them and this is why fostering is hard. One has to tell this to themselves from the start: they won’t be keeping all of the dogs.

Asher and his furry team have a long mission to help all of the shelter dogs in the US; but we’re thankful for what they’ve achieved until now.

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