Strong Women always Fall for Emotionally Unavailable Men

Did you know that most women aren’t aware of the reasons why they’re attracted to unavailable men?

Many women seek out and often stay with men who never really emotionally commit to them.

These women tend to end up with men who never fully commit or settle down, men who are in relationship or men who’re not faithful in a monogamous relationship.

Why Are Women Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Men?

This relationship will make the woman feel like she’s the one who’s more committed to their union than the man; yet she’ll feel like he has all the control and power.

These women have to work hard to keep the partner interested and begin to shape themselves into something they believe their partners are looking for.

A relationship with this type of man can be unsatisfying and frustrating; however, we see examples of women constantly trying to make it work.

The question which arises is why.

According to Psychology Today, women who tend to fall for unavailable men have self-esteem issues, as well as insecurities and thus, they put in a lot of time and effort into finding unavailable men under the unconscious motive that if he comes around and finally commits, they’ll finally have the proof that they’re worthy.

However, without this proof they need, their self-worth keeps hanging in the wind.

This woman begins to feel that she’s put in so much effort and waited for long for the man to come around. So, for them, it’s unthinkable to leave them without any payoff.

They Have a Major Strength, but Are often Unaware of It

Although this attitude tends to cause a long list of issues, these women are in no way fools. They actually possess a unique strength that many are unaware of, i.e. perseverance.

If this woman decides to get the attention and affection of the unavailable man, she’ll go great lengths and offer multiple chances.

Despite this not being the most ideal approach out there, it shows her patience, hard work, and ability to commit, which are all qualities to admire!

What Should You Do If You Are with an Emotionally Unavailable Partner?

Believe it or not, you needn’t change everything about you-what you need to do is shift your focus. That is, try to focus your energy to your own emotional needs rather than on getting this partner’s attention.

If you feel stuck in the pattern of the relationship, consulting a therapist or reading a self-help book can be beneficial because you’ll find out strategies on how to distance yourself from these types of men and begin to focus on man who deserve you- one who’s ready for the big-boy stuff.

When you’re willing to explore your motivations, needs, and attitude, you can find yourself a partner who is worthy of it all!




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