3 Ways in which Nature Calms Your Nerves & Anxiety

In today’s world of uncertainty and a lot of division, it comes as no surprise that you’re anxious about life.

And, it’s quite easy to get caught up in the web of anxious thinking and constant worrisome thoughts and living out the worst-case scenarios in your head.

But, it’s good to know that it doesn’t have to be like this. You can actually work and develop practices that can help you ease your mind, reduce tension, and get the needed break from anxiety, stress, and daily troubles.

Nature is especially pivotal to find calmness and peace from a worried mind. Thanks to nature and spending more time in it, you can reap its benefits that help lower your worries.

Below, find three good reasons why nature helps you reduce your anxiousness and nerves.

3 Ways Nature Calms Us Down & Helps Us Deal with Anxiety

  1. Nature engages the senses

When you find a spot in nature where you can unwind, it can be amazing to practice mindfulness to ease your worries.

Whether you gaze at a leaf, tree or a flower, it’s essential to activate and engage your senses.

Allow your vision to soften as you check out the tree’s shape, the colors of the leaves, the light off the flower, or the dew texture on the grass.

2. Mindfully witness things in nature

Being mindful means being present in the moment and slowing down. You can start practicing it in a simple way, by finding pleasant eyesight in nature, one that’s joyous for you.

It could be a butterfly, the branches being moved by the wind, the clouds’ shape or the sound of the birds.

Make this a daily practice and absorb the feeling fully. Take it in from all aspects; focus and take it in how the birds chirp, how the creek flows…

And, remember to add an intention and mantra. For example ‘I release all worries of things I can’t control’.

3. Ground more

Grounding means sinking the bare feet in the sand or in the grass. Taking off the shoes and getting the energy off of the earth.

It feels pleasant to have contact with it. Grounding has been found beneficial for reducing stress in the nervous system and boosting your well-being.

One research actually found that grounding helped lower the cortisol secretion and led to improved sleep and better mood as well as lower stress, anxiety, and depression.