Can You Find the Bunny without a Pair in this Viral Puzzle?

Gergely Dudas, a Hungarian artist, makes these amazing, mind-sharpening brainteasers that usually have some hidden objects or details, and challenges the entire internet to locate them.

In previous drawings, he hid a mouse among mushrooms, a heart among flowers, and a penguin among toucans.

He has also released 3 books full of brainteasers and one of his most interesting illustrations is definitely the one with the bunnies.

These 12 pairs of rabbits have matching ear, face, and belly patterns; however, only one rabbit is without a twin.

Our task is to find it. Can we?

Find the Bunny without a Pair in this Viral Puzzle

Check out the photo and start looking. Did you find the bunny without a pair? It’s definitely here somewhere, but where exactly?

Let’s keep looking; don’t worry if you’re struggling.

Here’s a small hint:

Check out the fourth row down. Focus here.

If you’re still unable to see it, no worries; here’s the answer.

You have one last chance to turn back and focus again and solve it on your own.

Still unsuccessful-here’s the answer.

No other rabbit has a darker yellow pattern on both ears and around its nose.

How cute, right?




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