The Internet Can’t Seem to Agree: How many 3’s Are in this Photo?!

This image from an iPhone screen with number of threes on it has become quite the sensation on social media.

Thousands of individuals have seen and debated over the photo, which has been shared alongside a question ‘how many threes can you spot in this photo?’

If you thought it’s 15, 19 or 21, you’ve came to the same conclusion as the most of other social networkers.

However, there can only be one correct answer, right?

So, which one is it?!

How many Threes Do You Spot in this Viral Photo?

Although there are 19 number threes in the photo, there could also be 21 if you interpret the question differently.

Namely, apart from the 8 threes in the phone number, there are also 2 threes on the keypad, as the number eight button has been replaced.

The time indicator also has 3 threes and the battery power is at 33 percent, which is another 2 threes.

This totals 15 threes and this is the answer most of the people who tried to solve it came to. But, looking at the photo even closer, there are 4 more hidden digits.

3 of the letters in the name of the contact have been replaced with threes and the letter I on the four key has also been replaced.

However, some claim the number is even 21 as people are convinced of other 2 threes in the photo.

Namely, they’ve also included the bar signal and the wi-fi signal, both of which have 3 bars.

What Do You Think, how many Threes Are there Really?

So, what about you? How many did you manage to count?

Did you share it with friends and family? What do they think-how many threes did they count?!




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