The Secrets of Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets Successfully

Did you know that you can easily grow tomatoes in hanging baskets in your home? Thanks to this, you’ll have less occupied space and always enjoy fresh and juicy tomatoes.

Small or big, round or oval, tomatoes are amongst the most popular and favorite crops in the world. And, no matter how big or small your garden is, you can easily grow them in hanging baskets.

These hanging baskets look awesome on balconies and porches.

How to Ensure Success of Your Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets?

These are the three major decisive factors:

  • Find the right type of tomatoes
  • Find the proper hanging basket size
  • Give it the right conditions for growth

Which Are the Best Tomato Varieties for Hanging Baskets?

  • Napa grape hybrid
  • Tumbling Tom
  • Midnight snack hybrid
  • Tiny Tim

The Basket

Find one that’s 12 inches deep and line it with plastic or coconut fiber liners. Remember to make holes in the bottom of the plastic. Lining hanging baskets is essential as they dry fast. This helps maintain the soil’s moisture.

Choose a young plant from a nursery or transplant seedlings into the basket. Don’t plant them directly into the basket.

Choose a potting mix and use slow-release fertilizer prior to the planting. Then, add an inch layer of manure.

Remember to feed them with potassium-rich liquid fertilizer after the plant perks up a bit.

Where to Hang my Basket?

Place it where it’s the sunniest- the tomatoes need 6 hours of direct sunlight to grow fruits. Water them on the daily and twice in summer or if you live in hot climates.

Other Tips for Successful Growth of my Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets

  • Cover them with mulch to reduce evaporation
  • If you have a bigger basket, feel free to also plant basil, chive, and mint-they go great with tomatoes
  • Don’t hang the basket where it’s very windy; hang it on a stable construction!