Father Loses 40 Pounds to Save His Son’s Life from a Rare Genetic Illness

 There are so many good parents in this world and all of them would do anything to keep their kids safe and healthy.

At least this is what Sean Kelley did-this parent lost 40 pounds and donated a part of his liver to help his son get well.

He said that he wants to see his son thrive and to see him happy-so, he wants to do all he can to succeed.

The Father Who Lost 40 Pounds & Donated Part of His Liver for His Son

Kelley and his wife Josie live in West Almond in New York and have 7 children together-Dylan is 19, Meara and Christina are 11, Tristan is 5, Asher is 3, and twins who’re 1-year-old, i.e. Sawyer and Silas.

Three of their children have a genetic disorder known as the Alagille syndrome-this condition affects several organs in the body, the heart and liver included. It damages the liver and can also cause heart problems.

Tristan had to undergo an open-heart surgery at the age of 3 months whereas their daughter Meara, despite a healthy function of the liver and heart, deals with an itchy skin as a symptom.

However, the boy Sawyer had to undergo a liver transplant because his liver had to compensate, according to George Mazariegos, the chief of pediatric transplantation at the UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

He added that even at an early age, the boy couldn’t survive more than a month without getting a transplant.

The doctor explained to the family that the boy, who was at the ICU, needed a living donor liver transplant in order to live. This helps him fight against the illness and reduce the risk of a long wait on the transplant waitlist.

At first, the family worked with the hospital trying to find a donor; the coordinator advised them to spread the word about the need for a liver because no one knows who will be willing to donate.

Kelley Decides to Do all He can to Become a Suitable Donor

This is when the father realized he could also help-he saw no reason not to lower his weight and then check to see if he’s a potential match for his son.

Kelley had to lower his weight and BMI to get the necessary tests-he began the weight loss process in 2019 in August and says he lost 40 pounds because of the support system his wife was the entire time.

Josie told him how a healthy diet and regular exercise will help him reach the goal; it’s pivotal to keep going and not give up.

However, he would often drive her crazy weighing himself every single day while she constantly told him how it’s better to do it weekly.

The Road Wasn’t Easy, but It Was Worth It

Kelley tracked his calorie intake and worked out whenever possible-he used his breaks for lunch to walk. He was motivated and had a goal he was focused on and hoped to become a match for his son.

Kelley who works as a professor was at work when he got a confirmation that he was a match-it was a happy day, he recalls.

And, it was really overwhelming-he had to sit down and take it all in for a couple of minutes.

The surgery was complex, but it was successful transplant. The boy will now have better health and become stronger in fighting off infections.

Two weeks after the surgery, the son and father were recovering well despite several post-surgery complications.




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