10 Amazing Uses of Coffee for Worry-Free Gardening

If you’re enjoying a cup of coffee every day, you actually have a stunning organic matter for your garden.

Believe it or not, your coffee grounds can make gardens happier and thriving and it’s not just because it gives you energy to prune and weed, but because you can put them directly into the soil and compost and watch the garden thrive.

Below, check out 10 amazing uses of coffee in the garden.

10 Ways to Use Coffee in Your Garden

  • Use it as mulch

Nowadays, mulching with coffee grounds has become quite popular because it’s believed to help remove pests, reduce risk of weeds, and improving the soil’s airflow. But, as they have a fine texture, if you plan to use them for mulch, do it in combination with coarse organic mulch.

Put a thin, around half-inch coffee ground layer and then a layer of coarse-texture organic material.

  • Boost carrot growth

If you have carrots and radishes in your garden, you can use coffee grounds to encourage growth.

Mix the seeds with freshly ground coffee beans and watch them thrive. Plus, the strong aroma will repel insects common in their early growth stage.

  • Avert fungal diseases

Thanks to its anti-fungal and acidic characteristcs, coffee is the perfect natural way to lower risk of fungal diseases in plant.

While dissolving, the grounds will keep pathogenic fungi at bay.

  • Change blooms’ color

Did you know that the brown hue of coffee can change hydrangea blooms into a bright blue color?

This is a result of the coffee grounds’ ability to reduce the soil’s pH and hydrangeas will change the color of their blooms when the soil is acidic.

  • Grow oyster mushrooms

Did you know that you can grow mushrooms in coffee grounds?-You’ll need a cardboard and coffee grounds.

The cardboard is the best barrier which will prevent molds and bacteria, while allowing optimal air flow so the mushrooms can flourish.

Coffee will supply the needed minerals to boost the mushrom development.

  • Great for magnolias

Magnolias benefit from a slightly acidic soil-so, add coffee to elevate the acidity.

But, always test the soil’s pH before doing this to prevent making it too acidic.

  • To grow various veggies

Coffee for a veggie garden is awesome-it will provide them with nitrogen and reduce their pH, making the plants healthy and robust.

Till the grounds to 8 inches depth if you want to get ridk of fungi and parasites.

  • Feed the rose bushes

If you want to encourage flowering, boost the soil’s air flow, and better the soil texture of your roses, get some coffee grounds!

It will help make the soil ideal for worm growth and naturally feed the area.

  • Carve protective circles

If you want to shied  your plants from slugs and snails, especially from munching your lettuces or attacking your sensitive blueberries, use coffee.

Make a protective circle and they won’t come nearby because the smell is too strong for them.

  • Keep your sweet pets away from your garden

Sprinkle some fresh coffee or solid beans into the soil and near the leaves and plants to keep dogs and cats away.

Since they have a strong sense of smell, the scent of coffee will be too much for the already hyper-sensitive furry friends!




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