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Mushroom Coffee: The Science behind this Popular Beverage

Mushroom Coffee: The Science behind this Popular Beverage

The popular beverage that appeared only several years ago is becoming people’s favorite drink. Mushroom coffee is promoted as a great way to boost your focus, energy, and positivity. But, what’s the science behind it? –Mushroom coffee is coffee beans ground with mushroom extracts which are praised for their potent […]

10 Amazing Uses of Coffee for Worry-Free Gardening

10 Amazing Uses of Coffee for Worry-Free Gardening

If you’re enjoying a cup of coffee every day, you actually have a stunning organic matter for your garden. Believe it or not, your coffee grounds can make gardens happier and thriving and it’s not just because it gives you energy to prune and weed, but because you can put […]

Coffee & Chocolate Make You Smarter, Claims latest Neuroscience

Neuroscience keeps on revealing ways in which coffee and chocolate help boost our brain health and make it stronger. Amazing-more reasons to love this delicious combo! One study done by the National Institute of Aging and Johns Hopkins University published in the Neurochemical Research magazine discovered that the methylxanthines, chemicals […]

Amazing 20 All-Natural Painkillers You Have in Your Kitchen

Top 20 Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen

Even though nowadays most people rely on over-the-counter meds to alleviate specific health problems, a lot of them come with side effects and contain a lot of different chemicals that can cause additional problems. With this in mind, it is often a good idea to turn to alternative medicine and […]

Best 8 Brain Foods: Better Memory, Focus & Mood

Top 8 Brain Foods For Better Memory, Focus And Mood

Of course, physical activity, socialisation, and intellectually-stimulating activities like puzzles or reading are crucial for the health of the brain, the foods we consume also play their role in maintaining our cognitive function. To ensure your brain’s health is optimal, there are specific foods you need to add to your […]