This Canadian Oil Worker Saves 3 Frozen Kitties Using His Morning Cup of Coffee

Even though a lot of people drink coffee in the morning to wake up easier and to start their day, this time, a warm cup of coffee did much more.

Last week, a cup of coffee helped an oil worker save three kittens from freezing in the cold Canadian weather.

The worker, Kendall Diwisch, was working when he noticed three kittens with frozen tails to the ice. They were unable to move.

Diwisch Reacts Fast & Saves the Kittens

The worker thought fast and spilled a bit from his morning coffee to help melt the ice that was around the kittens’ tails. Once the ice melted because of the warm coffee, the kittens were freed successfully.

In his post on social media, he told the story about the rescue and wrote that the poor kittens were probably left by someone and must’ve been there all night out in the cold winter.

He Takes them Home & Helps them Recover

Diwisch took the kittens home and he gave them water and food. All three kittens are males and he also gave them dewormers.

He wrote on his social media that if any of his friends are search for new family members, they should definitely let them know.

The Kittens now Have a New Home

Only several days after he shared the kittens’ story online, one family took them in.

Diwisch wrote an update saying that ‘all three rascals went to their new home today where they get to be together instead of separating them.’

The kittens are all eating and drinking energetically and he’s beyond thankful for people’s considerations.

The Cause for Critters is a local animal rescue organization from Drayton Valley, a town in Central Alberta, Canada, and they got involved in the case too and thanked Diwisch for his fast thinking.

They wrote on their social media that they’re happy that the kittens are happily in their new home.

And, they got a visit from them the other day, wrote the shelter on their Facebook page and shared a photo of three workers, each holding one of the kittens.

This kittens’ rescue story definitely has an amazing end and we’re all grateful for it.





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