Jennifer Garner’s Lovely Act of Kindness in Starbucks Goes Viral

A video that Jennifer Garner recently shared on her Instagram story shows her buying coffee for the customers at a Starbucks and tipping the employees. The actress wears a black peacoat and a black mask.

Garner orders a mint tea grande before she gives the employee money to buy the drinks of the other customers who were behind her.

The video was captioned “No. 48 Coffee is always a worthwhile little act of kindness” or the 48th in a series of 50 acts of kindness Garner is doing in the 50 days leading to her 50th April birthday.

For the countdown to her birthday, Garner pledged to do 50 small acts of kindness. So far, so good!

Small Act of Kindness, but the Significance Is HUGE

She tells the cashier that she gives them the money because she wants to pay for those behind her and also tipped the employees. She thanked them all and told them to pass it on.

During the video, Garner spoke about the importance of doing good and wrote that coffee is always a worthwhile act of kindness. 

Garner’s Way of Giving Back Is an Inspiration for Many

The iconic actress isn’t new to the world of good deeds. She recently baked cookies for the doctors and nurses of LA.

She delivered the cookies to the LAC+USC Medical Center to show her support to the staff at the Emergency Medicine department. She documented this journey on her Instagram in a video with music from the classic Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

She reminded her followers to show their local first responders some love because they’re not out of the thick yet, and that they’re really burned out. She didn’t forget to thank all medical workers and wrote words of encouragement dedicated to them.

The proven actress has also given through her baby food brand Once Upon a Farm. She launched the A Million Meals initiative along with the Save the Children initiative and will help provide a million meals to children in need by 2024. 

Though Once Upon a Farm is small, Garner emphasizes that the idea is to show how serious they are about making a meaningful impact. A Million Meals is a huge and ambitious goal, but they are determined, explained Garner.