Mushroom Coffee: The Science behind this Popular Beverage

The popular beverage that appeared only several years ago is becoming people’s favorite drink.

Mushroom coffee is promoted as a great way to boost your focus, energy, and positivity.

But, what’s the science behind it? –Mushroom coffee is coffee beans ground with mushroom extracts which are praised for their potent health advantages.

These are mushrooms with a bitter flavor that’s similar to the one of coffee, so they make ideal combo.

The Science behind Mushroom Coffee

Chaga and cordyceps mushrooms are the most common types of mushrooms used for the making of mushroom coffee.

And, this isn’t something new-they’ve been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, although scientific research on their effects has been launched recently.

In beginner atheletes, cordyceps mushrooms have been found helpful for better performance. And, it’s also considered abundant in anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancerous properties.

What’s more, chaga is a popular adaptogen praised for its capacity to improve the mental health, lower the risk of mental issues, and even reverse current health problems.

More Research Done with Humans Is Necessary

Despite most of these studies being done only with animals, there have been some done with humans that have also found them beneficial.

People who consume mushroom coffee say that it helps them feel better, improves their mood, and energizes them.

Still, firm evidence backing up these claims is necessary. The human trials may happen sooner than we think and thus, have it more readily available and maybe at more affordable prices.

One company that makes mushroom coffee is the Four Sigmatic from Finland. They make mushroom and coffee blends, but also mushroom and tea and cocoa blends.

They also add herbs that supposedly help you strengthen your immunity and raise your productivity.

Have you tried mushroom coffee?-Share your experience with us!




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