Coffee & Chocolate Make You Smarter, Claims latest Neuroscience

Neuroscience keeps on revealing ways in which coffee and chocolate help boost our brain health and make it stronger. Amazing-more reasons to love this delicious combo!

One study done by the National Institute of Aging and Johns Hopkins University published in the Neurochemical Research magazine discovered that the methylxanthines, chemicals present in coffee, chocolate, and tea influences the neuronal network activity positively.

Moreover, they concluded it encourages sustained cognitive performance and keeps the neurons safe from dysfunction and death.

This was concluded in lab animal studies through Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and strokes.

Other Amazing Findings about these Foods

Moreover, the study also concluded that the xanthine metabolites which are released when our brain is processing caffeine may be the reason behind the healing effects of cacao, tea, and coffee on the brain.

Another analysis of 11 studies on coffee’s influence on the brain that was published in the World Journal of Surgical Oncology found that coffee and tea don’t only lower the risk from Alzheimer’s, but also the risk of brain cancer.

A third study done by the scientists at Okayama University found that coffee intake improved the antioxidant power of the glial cells and averts the rotenone-induced neuro-degeneration in the brain.

In other simpler words, caffeine helps our brain become stronger and flexible. Isn’t this amazing?

Are You Consuming Enough Tea, Cacao & Coffee to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

According to research, the best dose of coffee is around 6 to 8 ounce cups consumed before 2 pm.

If this is a lot of coffee for you, you can replace a cup or two with dark chocolate or a cup of tea.