Firefighter Adopts a Baby Girl after He Delivered Her & Learned Her Mom Couldn’t Keep Her

Marc Hadden, a firefighter, said he always wanted a daughter. Hadden had saved dozens of lives while working as a firefighter in the department of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

In 2011, on November 14th, Hadden had to deliver a baby-it was the first experience like this after one woman called 911 with complaints of belly pain.

She struggled from the very first moment she was in my hands-Hadden, who’s 48 explains that seconds after the baby girl entered this world, he had to give her oxygen and help her breathe on her own.

He remembers how happy he felt when he heard her crying. But, little did he know that 48 hours later he would bring this baby girl in his own home and become her father.

They named her Rebecca.

Marc & His Wife Decide to Adopt the Baby Girl

Marc and Beth already have two young boys-one is 15 and the other is 13.

They always wanted a third child; however, because of complications with both of the pregnancies, they decided to take the road of adoption which can often be long and expensive.

Hours after he helped deliver the girl, the biological mother said she couldn’t care for the baby girl. Marc raised his hand and stepped in, saying he will take her in.

Beth got a phone call from Marc who told her he delivered a baby and jokingly, she replied if they could keep her. And, this is when he told her she might actually be up for adoption.

The mother who delivered the baby was already a single mom struggling with raising a teenage boy. Beth visited her the next day in the hospital.

Beth who’s 39 and works as an instructional coach in the elementary school says that her heart went out for this woman. She got her a small prayer book and asked if she could help her with anything else.

With the two women talking, the doctor walked in and let the mother know that the adoption can proceed if they agree. The woman told Beth that she wants her to adopt her baby. The nurse brought in the baby and Beth held her for the first time.

She immediately called Marc and told him that they’ve just had a baby.

Later in the day, they signed temporary-custody papers and 48 hours after her birth, they brought Rebecca home. Beth says the girl is what they prayed for and they really feel like they won the lottery.

What Is the Family like Today?

Although Rebecca has become a part of the family since the day they brought her in 6 years ago, Marc and Beth always ensured she remembers where she came from.

They told her this from early on and Marc actually took her to the back of the ambulance where she was delivered.

She even tells people now that her daddy delivered her in the back of an ambulance and helped her take the first breath.

Practicing gymnastics and wearing bows and tutus, little Rebecca is a tough little joker with two big brothers who ‘trained’ her right, explains her mother.




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