Gardening Hacks: 6 Awesome Uses of Vaseline in the Garden

If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you should know that Vaseline has some pretty amazing uses. Therefore, if you have a pack of Vaseline lying around in your home, waiting for you to use it; do it today-it has so many wonderful uses!

Vaseline is a versatile cream and it can also do wonders for your garden. Below, check out 6 awesome ways in which Vaseline will make your time in the garden easier and more enjoyable.

6 Awesome Uses of Vaseline for Gardeners

  • Helps you expel ants

Vaseline is awesome for keeping ants and insects in your garden under control. Thanks to its thickness and sticky structure, it will help you get rid of ant infestations in your garden.

Spread some Vaseline onto the areas where you spot them the most and other trails and potential hideouts.

  • Prevent insects from tree climbing

Vaseline helps you remove those pesky insects onto your trees and other plants. Spread a thick layer around the stem, stalk or trunk of the tree or plant.

This will trap the insects and prevent them from moving easily.

  • Restore plant’s shine

If you have fake plants, you can rub them with Vaseline to restore their glow. Clean the dust first and then wipe them with Vaseline.

  • Prevent squirrels from attacking your birds

Did you know that Vaseline is an easy method to prevent squirrels from reaching your bird feeders and bird houses?

Coat the poles with petroleum jelly and thus, the squirrels will have a harder time reaching these areas because it will be slippery.

  • Protect your gardening tools from rust

Often times, garden tools tend to develop rust; but, not if you have Vaseline! Thanks to it, you can prevent it from developing.

Plus, it’s simple to use. Just apply several layers onto the edges and blades and you’re good to go. Reapply after a specific period of time.

  • Protect your hands after gardening

After working with soil in your garden, feel free to apply some Vaseline to restore the moisture. It’s awesome for dry skin and it will repair the cells.



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