How to Plant & Grow Corn in Containers at Home

If you have good soil, a proper container, and a sunny location, you have all you need to grow your own supply of corn.

Although you’ll get fewer yields than if you would grow it in a large garden, it’s still amazing to have fresh and organic corn of your own.

Still, it does demand for more space so make sure you find larger pots and containers, at least 12 inches deep and wide. In this size, feel free to plant around 4 corn plants.

And, remember to choose a pot that drains well!

Which Is the Best Corn to Grow in Containers?

If you decide to grow corn in containers, it’s best to choose the dwarf varieties that don’t go over 5 feet in height. For example, the Sweet Painted Mountain or Trinity.

When to Plant Corn?

Make sure you sow 4 to 6 seeds around an inch deep and put some soil on top of them. Sowing them closely helps better the pollination and encourages abundance of the plant.

Place it in an area with full sun exposure and provide it with a lot of water. Make sure you also mulch around the corn to keep the moisture in. You can use newspapers, grass or wood chips to achieve this.

Mulching is also helpful for reducing the risk of weeds.

When choosing a soil, make sure it’s one that retains moisture well, but also doesn’t dry out very fast. Peat-based potting soil is a great option.

When Should I Water my Corn Plants?

These plants need to be watered every other day and the soil maintained moist all the time.

This is essential if you want your corn to be soft and sweet, especially during the fruiting time.

Do I Need to Fertilize Corn?

When you’ve sowed corn and 10 weeks have passed, dig one hole and pour half a tbsp of 5-10-10 or 10-20-20 fertilizer per a plant and fill up to soil back again.

The Best Part: Harvesting Your Corn

Usually, you can harvest them within 60 and 100 days after planting. The exact period usually depends on the variety and weather conditions.




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