Police Officer Adopts Opioid-Addicted Mother’s Baby rather than Charging Her

Ryan Holets, a police officer from Albuquerque responded to a call for a possible theft at a convenience store. It seemed like a usual assignment that he will clear from the call log quickly.

But, it wasn’t like that.

When he left the store, he noticed that there was a couple sitting on the grass nearby a cement wall. It seemed like the man and woman were shooting up heroin in broad daylight.

He then turned on his body camera and approached the couple. But, he had no clue that what he was about to see would change his life for good.

Officer Holets Realizes that the Woman Was Pregnant

When he came near the couple, Holets saw that the woman was injecting a needle into the arm of the man and saw she was also pregnant.

This sight, that he doesn’t see every day, made him so sad.

The woman, Crystal Champ, 35, looked a bid dazed and agitated in the footage from the body camera as Ryan starts scolding her. She said to the officer that she was almost 8 months and addicted to heroin.

He told her she was going to kill her baby and asked her why she has to do that stuff which can kill her baby.

Champ broke in tears when she heard this and replied to the officer that although she supports the right of women to get an abortion, it was never an option for her.

She told him she’s aware of how horrible she is and how disgusting the situation in which she found herself is.

Officer Holets Shows His Humanity

Champ fought with addiction since her teen years and had been homeless for more than 2 years. She explained the drug controls every aspect of her life and how she spends up to $50 per day to score drugs.

Although she’s tried to get clean a dozen of times, she never succeeded. She gave up and decided this was her life-but, she realizes it’s ruined.

During the conversation she had with the police officer, Champ mentioned that she is desperate for someone to adopt her baby. This is when officer Holets changed-he became a human, rather than a police officer.

He decided to not charge the couple with drug possession and decided to do something that will really make a difference.

He showed her photos on his phone from his wife and 4 children, including their 10-month old baby. This is when he also offered to adopt Champ’s baby. He believed God brought them all together and that he was led by God to take the chance.

Champ was speechless and wanted to see his genuine spirit and soul by looking deep into his eyes-she said she immediately realized that her prayers were heard.

Although They Made a Deal, Ryan’s Wife Knew Nothing yet

Rebecca, Ryan’s wife, was only a couple of miles away attending a going-away party at a friend’s house. Ryan took his police car and drove there to tell her the news.

She was holding their youngest baby and he told her how he met a pregnant woman who was shooting up and that he offered to adopt the baby.

Although the two have discussed adoption, but in the future because their youngest one was still very young, she didn’t hesitate. Ryan already knew her thoughts on this and was right to tell her.

Despite being unable to help every child out there, Rebecca was certain she could take on the challenge of adding one child to their family.

New Life, a New Chance

The baby was born on October 12th-the baby girl was named Hope. Ryan was there for the delivery in the hospital.

When the family took the baby girl, Champ said ‘I love you. Goodbye’. She asked from her new parents to take good care of her. This was a very emotional moment for both sides.




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