Student Raises $28,600 for a Homeless Man Who Offered to Pay Her Cab Home

This art student who lives in Preston once collected more than £21,000 for a homeless man after he offered her his last £3 so she could pay her cab home.

The lady Dominque Harrison-Bentzen, who was a student at the time at the University of Central Lancashire, explained that one night she lost her bank card and needed a ride home after a night out.

At this moment, the homeless man, only known as Robbie, who was nearby, offered his money to help her. The 22-year-old refused his offer; however, she was so moved by his gesture that she decided to do something for him.

Woman Raises Money to Help a Homeless Man Who Offered His Help

Domique launched a campaign to raise money to help get Robbie an apartment. She put up a donation page and asked from donators to donate £3. She spent nights on the street along with other supporters who heard the story from social media.

She wrote on social media that she was moved by this kind act of a man who’s ignored on the daily so she decided to find him. The more she spoke about him, the more she learned about his good soul.

From returning wallets to pedestrians to offering his scarf to people to stay warm, he turned out to be a really kind person.

He had been homeless for 7 months although it wasn’t his fault and had to get back on his feet. However, he couldn’t work because he had no address.

This is when Dominque decided to help him and change his life, same as he helped others.

Campaign Goes Viral & She Raises a Big Amount

Domique’s campaign soon went viral and got the attention of the whole globe. Thanks to social media, the number of donations has been unusually high. People like Ian Brown of the Stone Roses tweeted their support.

When the fundraiser ended, Dominique wrote on her Facebook that this sum won’t just change the life of Robbie, but the lives of other homeless people in Preston.

She reminded people that yes they were cold and hungry for 24 hours and they didn’t complain and reminded that there are people who’re like that 365 days in the year.

The money was used to find accommodation for Robbie and also help other homeless individuals in the city.

Thanks to Robbie’s approval and his suggestion of local charities, they will also be of aid to others who’re struggling.