Real Life Hero: Amazon Driver Runs inside a Burning Home to Save a Trapped Man

This Amazon driver got so much praise and was described as a hero after he ran inside a burning home to help take out an elderly man who was inside.

The man, a driver for Amazon, Sean Campbell, said that he never hesitated to help when he learned about the raging fire outside a home in New Smyrna Beach in Florida, down the street where he was finishing a delivery route.

The 23-year-old Amazon worker explains how he heard screaming and when you hear something like that, you have to help. He immediately dropped the packages and rushed into the home.

Amazon Driver Helps Take Out a Trapped Elderly from a Burning House

The home that was on fire was located in the Century Woods subdivision and the fire started in the garages. The flames spread fast and people around told him that an elderly woman was able to get out thanks to a neighbor; however, the elderly man was still inside.

He went in right away and broke the front door. He saw the man in the kitchen with a walker. Campbell said that the man seemed like he had no idea what was happening.

He told him ‘sir, c’mon. I need to help you. C’mon, let’s get out.’

Although the man couldn’t move fast, he started to move faster and grabbed his walker. Eventually, they made it out of the blaze and the firefighters also rescued the family’s dog.

The elderly couple and their dog are now staying in the home of their grandson nearby because their home is currently unlivable. When their son Tim West came to the scene, he learned about the heroic act of the young Amazon worker.

He said they’re so appreciative of what he did. A spokesperson for Amazon said that their company is equally proud of Campbell. They love to hear stories about their drivers being everyday heroes for their communities and customers.

Campbell says that he’s just grateful to have been at the right place in the right time and that he managed to get the man out.




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