Woman Becomes a Nurse Practitioner in the same Hospital She Used to Work as a Custodian

In one decade, Jaines Andrades managed to work her way up from working as a janitor to a registered nurse and now, a nurse practitioner.

This woman from Massachusetts is showing everyone what perseverance looks like after succeeding professionally- from working as a custodian in a local hospital to now helping in the treatment of patients with a nurse practitioner degree.

The Inspiring Story of Jaines Andrades

10 years ago, Andrades began a career in the Baystate Medical Center as a worker in the environmental services and she cleaned up the operating rooms.

However, 10 years fast forward, she’s no longer a cleaning lady, but one of the leaders there; she became a certified nurse practitioner in trauma surgery.

Andrades recalls dreaming of the position she holds today. Her journey towards success began when she was just 19.

In 2014, four years after she started her career as a custodian, she also earned a nursing degree. She remained in the environmental services until there was an opportunity to work as a registered nurse.

Despite being a nurse, she stayed in these services because she didn’t get a nursing job right away.

However, she was persistent to keep her foot in the door.

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Successful, but Humble

After some time, she decided to return to school to become a nurse practitioner. When she completed the degree, she was offered a job at Baystate again.

Andrades explains that when she starts something, she has to finish it. She reflected on her achievements by sharing a photo of her 3 work badges on social media.

Although each of them shows her name and her photo, each job title is different and shows how much she improved.

She says that she’s proud, although it took 10 years. Her post was shared more than 10,000 times and liked more than 12,000 times.

She believes her diverse experiences in the Springfield medical center helped her stay humble during her interaction with people.

Her time as a custodian helped her realized that we’re all human and how we treat others matters. Although our professional and academic successes deserve recognition, she emphasizes that they don’t necessarily make someone a good person.