5 Years ago, He Slept under a Bridge; today-He Is a Millionaire

Before he launched his own company named Studiohawk, Harry Sanders from Melbourne, Australia was homeless at the age of 17.

Sanders had to sleep in a tent under a bridge; however, today, he’s young millionaire-he’s only 21!

He’s now the CEO of Studiohawk, a company worth $1.5 million.

The successful entrepreneur who rose like a phoenix revealed his top 5 rules for success.

Once a Homeless Person, Sanders Is now a Millionaire

According to Sanders, one of the top 5 rules for success is to never wear a suit as it can give a wrong impression. He also believes sleep is pivotal for success.

When he attends a meeting or is spending long hours at the office-he wears what feels comfy. He believes that wearing an expensive and custom-made suit at such a young age can give off his clients the wrong impression.

And, he advises people who believe that they need to work day and night that depriving yourself of sleep is rarely a good idea. He sleeps 8 or more hours per night to be in his top form.

He explains that it’s impossible to run a successful business with a head that’s fogged. We need to stop checking emails at 3 in the night.

His other three rules are to read books and magazines that inspire you, to invest in yourself, but be careful of how much you spend, and realize that your purpose is your pay.

Homeless Life Taught Him Important Lessons

When he was 17 and homeless, Harry slept under the bridge and in various shelters. Often times, he would also crash at some friends’ homes.

He admits this was a rough and scary period from his life; however, it taught him a lot of important things that helped him become who he is today.

He says he’ll always remember the first night of becoming homeless-he had no idea what to do or where to go.

Several nights he was under a bridge-feeling terrible and asking people for help. Unfortunately, homeless life is dangerous as there are territories amongst homeless. In the beginning, as he didn’t know a lot about this life, he got into a lot of trouble.

He asked food outlets for food leftovers and this was his diet. This period was full of negative moments; however, he believes they made him resilient and mature.

Experiencing these hardships made him more confident in stressful situations. He actually says he owes his success to this period of his life.

He was determined and fierce, without a backup plan.

What Type of Company Does He Have now?

Studiohawk is a company specializing in SEO or search engine optimization which helps websites to improve their online visibility and consequently, make more profit and rank up their businesses.

His interest in SEO started when he was very young-he actually launched the company at the age of 16. Sadly, the dream crumbled after he lost all of his money. But, he never forgot the skills he learned.

He re-launched the company in 2017 and today, it’s worth $1.5 and works on a global scale. He also has an office in London that recently opened up.

Harry is now dedicated to helping other youngsters reach their goals-regardless of the difficulties they have encountered.