10-Year-Old Girl with Autism Has a Higher IQ than Einstein

Currently studying for 2 online degrees at once, this girl, Adhara Perez, is hoping to attend an US college very soon.

The young girl is well into a triple-digit IQ range.

The 10-year-old native of Mexico City reportedly has an IQ of 162, a score a bit higher than that of the notable geniuses Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, each with an estimated 160 IQ.

At the age of 3, the smart girl was diagnosed with Asperger’s, part of the autism spectrum.

This developmental disorder is known to cause problems with the individual’s social interactions.

Girl with Autism Has a Higher IQ than Einstein & Hawking

Despite her smarts, she explains how she was mocked at school. Her peers would bully her and call her names, including ‘oddball’ and ‘weirdo’.

Her mother, Nallely, said that she once saw her little girl playing in a small house and her peers locked her in and started chanting ‘oddball, weirdo!’

Then, to make things worse, they started to hit the house. This is when her mother realized she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer.

The girl fell into a deep depression, explained her mother, and she refused to attend school. Teachers were telling her that the girl was sleeping in class and showing no interest.

Aware of her daughter’s unusual intelligence at home, her mother recognized that this isn’t the right education plan for her so she took her to therapy.

This is where they identified the girl’s high IQ. Consequently, they started searching for a learning environment that will be suitable for her.

Adhara soon finished elementary school by the age of 5, middle school by the age of 6, and high school by the age of 8.

Now, she’s studying to earn 2 degrees online-one is engineering in mathematics and the other is in systems engineering.

Adhara Wrote a Book, Is Studying for 2 Degrees & Wants to Become an Astronaut

The child genius who also wrote a book about her experiences named Do Not Give Up was featured in the Mexico’s 100 most Powerful Women list by Forbes Magazine.

The young girl has been focused on developing a smart bracelet that could track the emotions of children with different abilities and thus, help avert seizures and other outbursts.

In the future, her mother explains they have plans to take the girl to the US and take exams at the University of Arizona, the dream school of Adhara.

She’s also studying English to be well prepped for this moment. Her goal is to explore astrophysics. One day, she hopes to become an astronaut.

What an amazing soul-don’t you agree?