Boy Takes Out His Dog for the Sweetest Sled Ride ever

During a recent snowstorm that happened in Romania, the streets were quite empty. Most people were staying at home and keeping warm.

However, this boy and his dog decided to go for an adventure. They wanted to make the most out of the snow in front their home and the boy had a pretty good idea how to do this.

Boy Decides to Take His Dog for a Sled Ride

The 12-year-old Andrei attached a sled to his bike and then his dog, named Pufi, hopped onto the sled.

Thanks to his fluffy and thick coat, Pufi has no worries on the cold weather and was more than happy to spend fun time with his human without wetting his paws.

The boy started to cycle around and Pufi was immediately a pro on the sled-balancing in the best way possible. A video taken from this sweet scene was shared on Facebook and it went viral.

So, a community group decided to gift the boy and his dog with one pretty amazing gift.

Community Group Gifts the Duo with a New Bike

Namely, the CERT Transylvania bought the boy and his dog a new bike that helps with their ‘sledding’.

Both were amazed. The organization wrote on their Facebook that the boy and his dog conquered them and reminded them of childhood- when simple things made us the happiest-snow, a sled, and a reliable friend.

This is why they wanted to gift them for this joy and equipped the bike with all it needs to be used for years to come on the racing with Pufi and on the road to school.

Thanks to them, Andrei and Pufi can now bike safely whenever they want together, no matter the weather.

Don’t forget the watch the sweet duo having fun on the snow: