Heartwarming Video: Girl Can’t Stop Tears when She Sees the Dog She Thought She Lost

One 200 lb Irish wolfhound that went missing in Nashville after a car crash has been found and is safely home. 

The video of him reuniting with his family has captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

People have welcomed him back home and wish the family more happy moments together.

When the car crash happened, Fergus, the dog and his owners were at a stoplight when a car from the rear changed their lives for good.

Fergus Disappears after a Car Crash

The minor crash resulted in ejecting Fergus, a 200 lb dog, from the backseat. Stunned, it got up and wondered off the car.

Although his hooman dad jumped out and tried to follow him, Fergus disappeared before he could catch him. The family thought they would never see their beloved dog again.

Rebecca Norris DiNapoli, the couple’s friend and realtor, heard what happened and that the dog was missing so she vowed to help them find him and bring him home.

She shared a photo of the dog on her Facebook page and wrote that anyone who maybe spotted him to contact her. Her post was reshared more than 450 times.

She was very determined to find the dog-she walked up and down the side of the Highway 65 and looking everywhere.

For 5 days in a row, DiNapoli was searching train tracks, roads, and neighbourhoods and didn’t allow the snow and rain to stop her. Still, there were no signs of Fergus. It was difficult for them to realize how this big dog could disappear so easy.

During these days of searching for sweet Fergus, DiNapoli got a call from a friend, one Renee Stewart. She told her that she and her mother looked out in the driveway and saw Fergus standing there.

The dog was very calm and she gave him water. He followed her into her back porch without any hesitation. They thought to themselves, he’s ready to be rescued.

By the time DiNapoli got there, Fergus’s owners arrived. DiNapoli caught the sweet reunion on camera and it showed how relieved and happy they were. Her owner broke down in tears from joy while Fergus wagged his tail happily and snuggled into her.

Fergus had only a couple of bruises and bumps from the crash and remained unharmed on the streets. He’s now safely enjoying time at home with his family who’s more than happy to have him back.



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