Chick-Fil-A Employee Won a Car in a Raffle & Gave it to Her Coworker Who Bikes to Work

Often times, coworkers turn out to be the best friends we can have. At least, this is what the friendship between these two colleagues proves.

Hailey Bridges who works together with Hokule Taniguchi at the Grand Chute in Wisconsin, Chick-fil-A restaurant gave her a very special promise.

And, most importantly, Bridges kept her promise. She didn’t hesitate to do it. But, she was happy she could help her friend.

Taniguchi Came to Work with a Bike, even when It Was Cold

Taniguchi had moved from Hawaii where she was born and raised to live with her sister in Neenah, Wisconsin.

She started to work in Chick-fil-A and came to work with her bike. There’s nothing wrong about riding your bike to work; however, it sometimes took her two hours when the weather was cold.

Taniguchi said how it was just fine in the start as it wasn’t that cold; however, when it snowed, it was challenging since she would easily slip. And, when the wind hit her face, things were becoming even harder.

 Bridges says she was amazed by her colleague’s perseverance. Bridges who’s 17 says she couldn’t do it herself and can’t imagine how Taniguchi’s doing it.

During an employee holiday party, the company organized a raffle with prizes including a Nintendo Switch game console and a Crock-Pot. However, the most exciting prize was definitely the 2008 Hyundai Elantra.

Bridges explains they all put one ticket in the car raffle and said to each other that if someone from them wins it, it will go to Taniguchi.

Bridges Wins the Car, Gifts it to Taniguchi

And, believe it or not, Bridges won the car.

Chick-fil-A posted on their Facebook, along with photos from the night, that Haley won the car but decided to give it away to her colleague so she doesn’t have to use the bike anymore.

Taniguchi said how it was unbelievable and that she was in shock.

She screamed and ran to her colleague and her heart was full. She was beyond happy and cried from joy.

Taniguchi Is Happy with the New Car & Coming to Work

Taniguchi notes that the car has given her a lot of freedom and that she loves to give people a ride.

Helping people out warms her soul, she adds, and says she’s paying for her own car, despite being a high school junior.

Bridges says that Taniguchi is one of those people who helped her become more of herself and that she makes her happy. She said she didn’t hesitate to give her the car because she knew she needed it more than anyone else she knew.