Doctors Save a 1-Pound Preemie Using a Sandwich Bag

This preemie in the UK was born smaller than her mother’s hand, but she survived thanks to the quick-thinking doctors.

At only 13 weeks, the preemie weighed only a pound and the medics had to use a sandwich bag to keep her body temperature up.

Orla-May Rospo-Hughes was born only after 27 weeks of pregnancy. Her parents, Samantha Hughes and Emily Rospo who live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, were told by the doctors that their daughter may not survive.

They hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst.  

 Tiny Preemie Saved by Smart-Thinking Medics

Emily, 30-year-old, had to undergo a C-section after they diagnosed her with placenta insufficiency.

However, she’s now thriving thanks to the doctors who made the decision to put the baby in a sandwich bag to help regulate the temperature when she was born.

The couple explained that they’ve been trying for a baby for 3 years and were on the IVF journey. So, when they received this news, they were devastated. They said that nothing can prepare you for being told that your child may not survive.

Emily said that she was scared and nervous, but her partner was there with her all the time and offered support. Despite being told that the chances of the baby to survive are small, she kept thinking positively and believed their girl will make it.

The medics put her in a sandwich plastic bag to keep her warm and then took her to the resuscitation room. They worked hard to get the girl to breathe and placed a tube.

Emily and Samantha said they never heard of the sandwich bag method before.

The parents didn’t even get a chance to see her before they took her away. There were a lot of emotions in the operating room and everyone was trying their best. And, when they saw her like this, it was scary because she was so tiny, smaller than her mothers’ hands.

The Girl Is Improving & Growing with each Passing Day

Now, the parents are allowed to see Orla—May and touch her. She’s at the Luton and Dunstable hospital and her parents say that the staff is amazing. The girl put on some weight and everyone is keeping a positive spirit.

Samantha said that she was upset to see what Emily was going through and it felt like an eternity when she went into the operating room. When she was asked to cut the cord, she says she never saw anything so small and fragile.

They’re praying everyday for their girl to become big and strong.




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