Lovely Rescue Pittie Gets so Excited to Have Her Own Yard for the First Time

Sweet pittie Mia was found on the streets of Akron, Ohio. She was very ill and thanks to a kind animal lover, she was taken to the vet to get treated right away.

After she was treated and examined medically, a rescue organization took her in. Soon after, she was adopted and went into her new family in 2020.

Since that January, she’s been living the best life ever.

Mia Has a New Family She Adores & Something else She Loves a LOT

Although Mia loves lounging around with her hoomans, she also has another favorite thing to do. That is, to play when she has a lot of energy built up.

Most of the time, sweet Mia is more on the lazy side, explains her hooman mom, Taylor Clapp; however, when playtime comes, she goes into zoomie mode which happens once or twice per day.

She’s an affectionate dog with a goofy behavior. The game she loves the most is definitely tug-of-war, says her mom.

Although she also plays outside, her family didn’t have a fence at first so they were always taking her out on the leash.

Family Starts Building a Fence so Mia can Roam Free

After a while, they decided to put a fence to enable her to run free. Several months passed before they finished it up. In the meantime, Mia was playing with their neighbor’s dog in their yard.

She loved spending her time like this.

When the fence was all set up, her family was excited to see Mia’s reaction. This time, they let her out without any leash. As soon as Mia went out into the yard, they say she ‘lost her mind’.

She couldn’t contain her joy. Her owners were videoing everything as they knew she would do the zoomies when she realizes she can roam in the yard.

She watched them build the fence and they say that it was like she knew it was for her.

Finally, Mia has her own yard to play in, after everything she went through. She plays a lot and enjoys summer days outside. She also likes snow, but she’s not the biggest fan.

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