This 110-Year-Old Became a Signing Sensation on Social Media Thanks to Her Great Grandson

This 110-year-old great grandmother became a singing sensation overnight thanks to TikTok.

Namely, Amy Hawkins’s rendition of the popular WW1 song It’s a Long Way to Tipperary was videoed by her great grandson Sacha on her milestone birthday.

When he shared it on his TikTok and amassed more than 100,000 views. Ms Hawkins from Monmouth was a performer and at Sacha’s age, she toured the UK.

Her Dream Is Coming True Years Later

However, her mother prohibited her to go back on stage because it wasn’t ‘respectable’.

Sacha’s mother, Hannah Freeman, said that she loved how people were saying about the videos that they’ve ‘restored the faith in humanity’.

Ms. Hawkins who was at the age of 7 during the end of the war has sung songs from that period ever since. Her granddaughter, Ms Freeman, says about her grandma that she’s like clock-once you wind her up, she doesn’t stop.

And, she goes on and asks you if you would like another one and another one.

The Importance of Family

The TikTok star is currently living with 3 other generations of her family and Ms Freeman said that they feel very grateful to have spent lockdown together.

She says her grandma is the centre of everything.

Ms Freeman said that their grandma is a brilliant woman-down to earth and nothing can phase her. She also added that Sacha and his great grandma have a deep connection and he loves her so much.

It’s Not Easy to Be Separated from Family

Ms Freeman said that she’s been sad to hear that a lot of people were in tears because of the videos as they’re missing the family they can’t see or the family they’ve lost because of the pandemic.

This has been a lesson for Sacha too, she explains, and also restored her own faith in humanity in these challenging times.

For Sacha, the highlight of these videos going viral was seeing people commenting how lovely his grandma is and how much they miss their own families.