Deaf Dog that never Heard a Bark ‘Invents’ Her own Way of Communication

Reggie is the sweetest rescue dog that lives in a world of silence. His family believes she has been deaf since birth, so the chances of Reggie never hearing what a dog or a human sounds like are high.

However, this hasn’t prevented the witty doggo from coming up with a ‘bark’ so she can communicate her needs to her humans.

Although Reggie may not even know what a bark really sounds like, she’s become quite aware of the physical movements linked with it after being around other dogs.

So, she must’ve concluded it’s a good way of getting others’ attention. Therefore, one day, she gave it a go.

Reggie Comes Up with Her Own Bark

One day, her family was surprised to hear her bark. Lindsay Kelly, her owner, explained it took her a moment to realize what Reggie was trying to do.


Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter. 🐶 🗣 #dogsoftiktok #doggo

♬ original sound – Lindsay Kelly

At first, she believed the dog was sneezing or coughing. However, when she continued doing it and looking at Lindsay, she realized she was trying to ‘tell’ her something.

Lindsay caught the wonderful moment on video, showing Reggie proud of her achievement. Lindsay is heard telling her ‘good bark’.

She wrote that Reggie found her voice and has been using it ever since.

Although not the most conventional bark out there, Lindsay knows what to listen for and Reggie is more than joyful to know she’s heard and seen.

Reggie’s family says how the dog is so proud of herself when she’s doing this. She wants their attention, she’s doing her unique bark. Often times, it’s to get her favorite snack. And, how could they say no?

With her ‘fake barks’, Lindsay explains, Reggie seems to get everything she wants. What a spoiled cute doggo, don’t you agree?