How One Lesbian Couple Used an App to Find a Sperm Donor to Conceive Children

This lesbian couple from Indiana explained how they found a free-of-charge sperm donor using an app and conceived 2 kids for around $100 each.

The 27-year-old Kayla Ellis and her wife Miranda now have a 6-month-old son Owen and currently they’re expecting another one after a 2nd round of artificial insemination.

Finding a sperm donor can be an expensive process so Kayla and Miranda connected with a man who donates sperm for free.

Now, thanks to him, the couple is sharing their journey with conception, pregnancy, and motherhood on their TikTok with more than 106,000 followers.

Kayla’s page started during the summer and soon enough, she received a bunch of comments about how she and her wife got pregnant.

Kayla & Miranda Helping People Learn more about Artificial Insemination

People are now turning to this account when trying to learn more about artificial insemination and how to start a family when you’re in a same sex relationship.

When the couple decided to have a family, they looked for the most obvious way, that is, to purchase sperm from a sperm bank.

However, they learned that this sperm can get quite expensive; in fact, one vial can be bought for around $1,000 and plus hundreds more to move the sperm, do the insemination, and other associated costs.

And, no one guarantees that it will be successful.

Kayla recalls how they couldn’t raise their hopes as they didn’t know if they could pay for the sperm every month or several times per month.

This was devastating news. So, they started searching for other methods.

Couple Starts Looking for Alternative Ways to Find Sperm

The search began with looking at Facebook groups for potential recipients and donors.

One day, they came across an app named Just a Baby which connects people with sperm and surrogates, egg donors, and co-parents.

Similar to Tinder, this free app allows users to swipe on possible matches; however, the difference is that it’s not for dating purposes, but rather for procreating.

This process, explains the couple, was quite easy for them. They had a checklist which the donor had to meet.  

That is, he has to agree to artificial insemination, not sex, he must submit results from an STD test and background check, and he must sign a contract.

They talked with several people for a month or so before finding the right person-one man who was married, but was willing to help.

They Found the Perfect Sperm Donor, without Spending Hundreds of Dollars

Kayla admitted that the man wasn’t doing it to get sexual pleasure from it, noting how some ‘weirdoes’ expected sex out of this deal.

The man told them he was passionate about it and that he wanted to help others create families. He feels like it’s his work in life to help others, especially the ones in the LGBT community who don’t have the possibility.

They spoke over FaceTime first and then they met in person before receiving a sperm sample from him. He allowed the girls to use an Airbnb he had to inseminate.

Although it was for free, the couple bought other necessities like syringes, specimen cups, ovulation tests, and a special lube, as well as notarizing fees of around $50.

Still, the cost was much less than buying it from a sperm bank, i.e. $136.

6 months after they welcomed their son in July, they’re expecting another baby thanks to the same donor.

However, this time, it’s Miranda who’s carrying her. She’s 20 weeks pregnant with their daughter whom they’ve already named Harper.




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