Injured K9 Officer Gets a Hero’s Salute when He Left the Hospital

This beautiful and brave K9 dog named Arlo has recently been released from the hospital after he was shot twice during a high speed chase.

The 3-year-old K9 was critically injured during the shooting that happened in Thurston County.

The TikTok famous K9 was shot by a 25-year-old suspect. Unfortunately, one of the bullets went into the dog’s spine and chipped its shoulder and lodged near the neck.

They immediately took the German shepherd to the Oregon State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine where he was given a 60 percent chance of survival.

One of the most Popular Dogs on TikTok Undergoes a Long Surgery

In the last year, Arlo became one of the most popular dogs on TikTok with more than 1.5 million followers who were amazed over the videos of the brave and wonderful dog helping his handler Deputy Tyler Turpin solve crimes in their local community.

His followers waited nervously as the brave dog underwent a surgery to remove the lodged bullets. Jen Warnock was the doctor who did the surgery and immediately realized how severe his injuries were.

He had a shattered C6 vertebra and the bullet missed the carotid artery by a millimeter. If this happened, he would be dead quickly.

She says it’s a miracle Arlo is still alive.

The other bullet which was located near the neck pulled hair, debris, and dirt into the tissue and required careful cleaning to lower the chance for infection.

Lovely Arlo survived the long surgery that lasted throughout the night and then amazed the doctors with a fast recovery.

 The Loveliest Salute for the Brave Arlo

When Arlo was released from the hospital, he was saluted by officers from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office who lined up outside the main door to express their support.

The video of this emotional moment was shared on TikTok and it gained more than 33.7 million views. The video shows Turpin leading the limping dog out of the hospital.

Sadly, Arlo will probably suffer from arthritis due to the injury the bullet did to the shoulders and neck. And, this will influence his reaction time, so he won’t be returning to his job.

The police officers explain he’s a wonderful dog who’s always happy and wants to please, so it’s a loss not having him on the job. Luckily, TikTok videos will still appear, featuring the favorite K9 dog Arlo for the loveliest of fans.