This Furniture Store Ensures Neighbourhood Dogs Have a Cozy Sleeping Area

For 6 years, Dr Cem Baykal from Turkey passed near the same furniture store every day on his way to work. And, whenever he walked by, he saw the several stray dogs that were hanging out in front of the store.

Soon he realized that these dogs were best friends and were always sticking together. The furniture store where he saw them hanging out is Istikbal Mobile. They sell bedding, curtains, mattresses, and sofas.

The owner of the shop has a soft spot for the stray dogs in the area so he wanted to do something to make these dogs’ lives a bit happier and comfier.

We believe he did the most awesome thing!

Furniture Store Owner Cares for Stray Animals in the Area

The owner of the shop puts one of the beds that are for sale, covered with plastic and protected, in front of the shop.

They leave it flat so that the dogs can lay and rest and sleep on it. When it’s winter, they provide a bed on the daily. In summer, they also provide water and shady areas.

How to Create a Dog Safe Zone

The stray animals, thanks to this amazing shop owner, no longer need to sleep on the cold and harsh cement sidewalks. People who live in the area know these dogs very well and are happy someone is helping them.

According to Baykal, this street is a rich part and people give food and water to the local cats and dogs; however, no one provides bedding, except for this shop.

How Did the Story Become so Popular?

During one cold and rainy day, Baykal passed and saw the doggos snoozing on the mattress.

He took a photo of the cute moment and shared it on Twitter and thanked the shop owner for his kindness.

Most people praised the shop owner’s act of kindness; however, they were also those who were questioning the cleanliness of the mattresses.

Be it as it may, we would definitely benefit from more animal lovers! By helping them, we’re becoming better people and making our society happier.