Laid Off Dad Gets Hundreds of Job Offers after Handing Out Resumes on the Street

This dad from Phoenix, Arizona was in desperate need of a job after he got laid off. So, he took to the streets to try and find one.

After his unusual job hunt, Patrick Hoagland received hundreds of offers and managed to find a new job.

The 30-year-old dad stood on the side of the road with a sign in his hands that asked people to take one of his resumes. He also wrote he was recently laid off. The temperature that day was 110 degrees.

But, he was persistent and had a goal.

Laid Off Dad Finds a Job in the most Unusual Way

One Melissa DiGianfilippo caught this creative marketing plan on camera and shared it on Facebook and Twitter.

She was driving down the Camelback Rd near her office and saw Hoagland on the side of the road in the heat and with a smile on his face, holding the sign.

She added he didn’t ask for a handout, but was just looking for people that would consider offering him a job.

DiGianfilippo said she took a copy of his resume and she loved that one of his objectives was to provide a better quality of life for his family and to positively influence the people around him.

Hoagland later explained that the firing came by surprise. After this, he also had some other challenges in front of him and had to get a job; so, he came up with this plan.

Hoogland Accepts a Full-Time Job Offer

After the post DiGianfilippo shared, Hoogland said he received a long list of job offers in only a couple of days.  He said that it was crazy and hard to be able to navigate all of the offers that came through on his phone, but many of them were great.

Some companies that sent through offers wouldn’t usually hire without experience; however, he explains that they were amazed by his determination so decided to give him a chance without an interview.

He accepted a full-time job with one concrete-grinding company and already started working there.

What an amazing way to fight for a better tomorrow, don’t you agree?-And, Hoogland has some pretty amazing marketing skills! Congrats!




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