Heroic Stranger Helps a Woman Being Chased by a Man with a Hatchet

Gina Hopkins-Calligan was running away from a man who was chasing her with a hatchet when Emily Regester stepped in and saved her life.

The unusual and shocking accident happened in Valley, Phoenix and Calligan credits a stranger for saving her life. Calligan was on her morning jog when suddenly; a man with an axe jumped out of the bushes and began chasing her.

According to the documents from the court, the accused man, Joshua Eicher, is a homeless drug addict and he has been charged with felony aggravated assault.

Stranger Saves Calligan from a Man Chasing Her with an Axe

Calligan said the chase felt like a nightmare and she kept thinking ‘wake up’.

Calligan and Regester met after the terrifying accident once more and Calligan told her that she could never repay her for saving her life.

Calligan ran across 6 lanes of traffic trying to find someone that would help her. Regester was the only one who stopped. She drove her to safety and then called the police.

They got their nails done together when they met for the second time and Calligan gave Regester a gift because she was so thankful for saving her life.

Calligan said that this meant everything to her. Previously, she had joked how she has no survival instinct; however, this was before she had children.

The two women who met in the most unusual way say that their plan is to remain in touch and said how this unusual experience was an amazing way to start a friendship.