How One Best Buy Employee Confronted Bravely a Shoplifter & then Gets Offered a Dream Job by UFC

This Best Buy employee was fired for beating up an alleged shoplifter; however, a new dream-come-true job followed thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the video which went viral.

The boss there, Dana White, was amazed by the footage of the 24-year-old staffer Summer Tapasa mauling the crook so much that he invited her to watch a match in Nevada for free.

In an Instagram post, White wrote that flying Tapasa for the weekend and giving her tickets to the McGregor vs. Cowboy fight is because he wanted her to work for him.

He told her to ‘get ready for the best weekend in her life’.

Best Buy Employee Becomes a Sensation

After footage of her taking out the shoplifter at the Hawaii Best Buy went viral, Tapasa became a sensation. The crook was allegedly trying to get away with a pricy speaker system.

Tapasa, when asked about the incident, said she had seen this person trying to steal speakers before; however, this time, she wanted to personally ensure he doesn’t get away with it.

She explains she didn’t do it for anybody-not for the company, not for its managers, and not for Clout. She added on her Facebook post that she did it because this needs to end.

Tapasa Gets Offered Her Dream Job

White said about her promise to Tapasa that there’s probably no one who doesn’t want Tapasa’s dedication and ‘badass’ behavior. Tapasa couldn’t believe what White offered her and she immediately accepted.

She said how she’s been a big girl her whole life; but, she never thought that she’ll have the chances she’s being given now.

In September 2020, she officially became part of the UFC team. And, White said he’s happy that she chose to grow her career with them.

Congrats Tapasa! We’re so happy your dreams are coming true; life can really be unpredictable, don’t you agree?