Lovely Dog Shelter Workers Say ‘Goodnight’ to Every Dog, Every Night

The Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary has an area known as the ‘little red barn’ where doggos hang out and roam free, just like they will when they find a forever home.

Most of the animals here come from overcrowded shelters and having a place that reminds of a home environment means a lot.

According to Miranda Munden, a staff worker at the sanctuary, this communal area aims to remind of the average home environment and help dog relax and get rid of stress.

If the day of adoption never comes, they are at least happy to have provided an amazing home and been a good family to these animals.

Amazing Sanctuary Helps Homeless Dogs Have a Quality Life

Having these dogs live in this friendly environment will also be of aid when they transition to forever homes. Here, all of the staff ensures the place is as cozy as possible so it reminds them of a real home.

The dogs love this and enjoy their time here a lot. In addition to this area, the sanctuary also has a kitchen with a lot of spray cheese and peanut butter, a laundry room, a doggy door through which they can go to one of their four big yards with fences, and a living area abundant in dog beds, kennels, and leather couches from donations.

Munden also adds that they have a picket fence area which is like a downstairs ‘suite’ for the dogs looking to get a break from their pack or don’t want to go inside the kennel.

And, what’s even more interesting about this dog sanctuary is that there’s classical music playing all the time. The staff notes how essential it is that the sanctuary looks and feels like home for all the animals there.

And, this includes a personalized goodnight to each dog; they tuck them in and tell them good night. They do this to remind them that they’re safe and loved. This is when they turn off the lights and turn on the moon nightlight.

The length of the goodnight routine depends-it’s conditioned by the amount of dogs there are currently in their sanctuary. Bedtime stories are possible when the number is lower.

The staff explains they do these steps to help the dogs feel appreciated and wanted.

The Hope for a Family Continues

Despite the amazing conditions of this sanctuary, the main purpose is temporary home.

The ultimate goal is to relocate each dog into a forever home and a family that will love them and give them all they need.

Until this day comes for all dogs, the staff is there to keep them healthy, safe, and loved.