Little Doggo Overjoyed because People Remembered His B-Day

Ladies and gents, please meet Odin-he’s the sweetest little dog with small paws, small ears, and a small tail that wags when he’s joyous.

However, recently, another thing concerning Odin was anything but tiny.

It was his smile! His hooman family in Mexico, since the day they adopted him 3 years ago, they’ve showered him with so much affection and love.

Joyce Cetina describes Odin as the most faithful companion who enjoys hugs and playtime.

Odin Had the most Amazing Birthday

As Odin’s third birthday approached, his family decided to celebrate it in the best way possible. They threw him a surprise party to show their love for him.

And, it turns out Odin was really surprised and amazed that his hoomans remembered his birthday-there were hung up decorations and a wonderful dog-friendly cake.

The family also revealed him the biggest surprise- a birthday song! The family said that Odin was at first confused and didn’t really understand what it was all about.

But, when he saw everyone was giving him attention, he was over-the-moon.

Odin even wore a birthday cap-which we have to confess, looks pretty amazing on him, don’t you agree?

Below, check out the video of Odin celebrating his birthday with his loved family:

After the cake which he enjoyed a lot, he was given other presents from his other hoomans and his favourites, a lot of kisses and hugs.

His family says that they pamper Odin all year round and that he’s their biggest gift. So, they’re very proud to have made him happy on the day he came into their lives.