This Quick-Thinking Dad Saved a Dog that Fell into a Frozen Pool

With freezing temperatures sweeping throughout the US, both people and pets are experiencing things they never did before.

One of these things is their swimming pools being frozen. And, Dan Holmes and his dog named Christi soon realized that this brings whole lot new dangers.

Holmes Saves Christi Who Fell into the Pool

While Holmes was outside of his home in Texas and his dogs, cleaning up the snow, Christi decided to be adventurous and went onto the icy pool surface.

However, she didn’t know that this ice may be too thin to support her. And, very fast, it crumbled beneath her paws.

Lucky Christi had her hooman dad there who noticed what happened and reacted timely. He didn’t hesitate for a moment and rushed into the freezing pool to save her.

The accident was caught on their surveillance camera. It shows Christi unable to get out and her dad rushing to help her.

Another panicked person also comes out of the house. The dad goes into the pool and brings Christi outside. He later explained he’s okay; however, he says it was very cold.

Holmes Shared the Video to Raise Awareness about these Accidents

They never imagined this incident could happen.

By sharing this video, he wanted to give heads up to other families from similar dangers, especially if they have pets and small children.

He’s thankful to god that he was near the pool.




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