New Zealand Designer Creates an Ingenious Solar-Powered Skylight which Desalinates Water

This New Zealand designer created a new solar-powered skylight which helps desalinate salt water. Now, thanks to this device, people from coastal Chile can easily access safe water for drinking.

Saltwater isn’t drinkable because of the high presence of salt it has. In the slums of Chile, where there are more than 100,000 families, safe drinking water is scarce since their power supply isn’t reliable.

It’s acquired through an electrified nest of rigged power lines. But, thanks to this amazing man, her community has one big problem resolved.

Graduate Creates a Solution to Help Have Safe Drinking Water

Goglau who graduated at the Royal Danish Academy, says he was motivated to find a solution for this major issue in her community.

He was looking for a way to address the problem with indoor lighting and their lack of clean water for consumption.

Through his research, he came up with a way to develop a skylight device powered by solar energy which helps remove salt from water and make it drinkable. Goglau said he wanted to make something that’s sustainable and that will add light to these otherwise darker homes.

How Does the Device for Desalination Work?

This device is able to desalinate 400 mm of water on a daily basis. The brine which remains is sifted into batteries and they power LED strips.

During the day, this light is powered by the sun.

Goglau explains that the skylight is designed to use condensation and evaporation to create lighting patterns on the floors and walls with the photons moving through water droplets.

The new device is being installed throughout several homes in Antofagasta and the community values this new hope for a more quality life.




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