This Hotel Helps Dogs Find Forever Homes by Giving Guests a Chance to Foster them during the Stay

This hotel located in D’lberville in Mississippi gives its guests a unique opportunity to foster and adopt the dogs they have.

They launched the Fostering Hope program back in 2018 together with the Humane Society of South Mississippi and they take one dog at a time.

The program allows guests to care for a dog if they want to during their stay.

And, when they check out, if they want to, they can take the dog with them and provide him with a forever home.

Unique Hotel Program: Foster & Adopt a Dog

The hotel’s sales director, Teresa Johnston, is the one who came up with this idea.

She explains that they’re an extended-stay Hilton-branded location and she had noticed that some of their guests are lonely, so she wanted to fill the void and in the same time help the community and the animals.

Since the program started, more than 60 dogs have found a forever home. However, currently, the program has been closed because of the pandemic.

Once things become calmer, they plan to resume it.

The Increased Need for Adoption during the Pandemic

Numerous workplaces and schools have closed down because of the coronavirus.

And, according to animal shelters, they have had a rise in the need for fosters and adoptions since people have been looking for companions during the lockdowns and social distancing.

The president and chief executive of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mark Bershadker, says that he’s amazed to have seen this rise in animal adoptions.

Without doubt, he adds, animals are amazingly comforting and awesome companions, particularly in crisis.

They love the attention they get so they continue with their encouragements to keep fostering or adopting.

When we spend more time at home, we have more time to connect with our pets. So, if you’re thinking of adopting an animal, now’s the best time to do it!




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