No One Wanted to Adopt this Dog because of Her Unique Face

When Meagan Hanley, the founder of the rescue from Massachusetts A Place for Ace, saw a photo of Kleo for the first time, she immediately knew they need to take her in.

Unfortunately, Kleo was on the list for euthanasia in a shelter in San Antonio, Texas. She was once adopted, but then returned to the shelter.

And, Hanley was worried that Kleo wouldn’t get to live to get a new family soon enough, in some part because of her unusual face.

Although She Looks Unusual, She Has the Purest Soul

Kleo is a dog with an underbite and a slightly crooked face. So, she stands out from most other dogs physically. Hanley loved Kleo and soon, she was on the way to Massachusetts.  

And, thanks to Hanley, she’s also living a happy life in her new home-her foster parents from Boston. Kleo adjusted pretty well and is loving life. Her foster mom says that she is amazed on the daily by Kleo and says she’s a wonderful dog.

Her mom, Brianne Miers, says that Kleo does her best to get the most of each day. She describes her as a dog with zest for life.

She says that when she opens up the crate door in the morning, Kleo looks like she’s shot out of a cannon. She’s an energetic dog that loves being on the go.

She shows a lot of curiosity for new sights and smells and is really intelligent. Miers has previously fostered dogs; however, she says no one was like Kleo. She loves her ability to adapt.

Concerning her facial differences, she notes that the energetic dog barely notices them. Because of her underbite, she does tend to get a bit messier when eating or drinking water; otherwise, she’s a happy and healthy dog.

The good thing is she doesn’t have any notion of being different from the rest of the dogs. Still, other people do notice her differences and some even give her odd looks.

However, nothing stops Kleo from trotting proudly, exploring new smells.

Kleo Is Searching for Her Forever Home

Being a special dog, Kleo would make an amazing addition to any family, preferably one with older children.

She wouldn’t like living with cats as she’s easily excitable. Her owners should ideally be people with active lifestyles as she makes an ideal hiking or running buddy.

She’s intelligent and needs entertainment, including toys, puzzles, and other dogs to play with. Other than these things, she will appreciate love and acceptance.